What is a Greeter ?

You live in Cannes and you love your city? You are over 18 and have free time to share? Live a new human experience. Become a volunteer ambassador for the Cannes destination! The greeters are inhabitants who wish to share around a visit of the city, their favorite places, a passion, a sports activity ...



Chantal Cannes Greeters

I was born in Nantes and I used to spend the holidays with my grandmother who lived in the Palm Beach (Pointe Croisette) area in the sixties, and later on I settled down in Cannes for the rest of m


Nicole Cannes Greeters

A girl from Cannes right down to the core, and passionate about art and nature, I will have you discover Le Suquet where I grew up, and I’ll share with you my memories from this time.


Nancy Cannes Greeters

Originally from the USA, I have been living in Cannes for 20 years. My profession as Sommelier is a fusion of my background in the hotel and restaurant industry.



Originally from Lille, I have been here for 25 years and I am proud to live under the beautiful sun. It would be a great joy for me to be able to introduce you to this beautiful city of Cannes.

Tour in the heart of the old town

I invite you on a walk through the narrow alleyways of the old town, where a preserved past is revealed. The authentic charm of this district will lead us to the magnificent…

Discovery of California area

This tour in the California district is the chance for us to evoke the end of the 19th century, when the visits by the rich and famous started to animate our town and had…

Tour around the Cinema

Spread throughout the town, there are many wall frescoes, inspired by the silver screen, allowing for a stroll through the history of cinema in an entertaining way and, in just…